The Legend of Mercedes Ketch

The Legend of Mercedes Ketch - Her Father's Daughter.

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Her Father's Daughter

Mercedes Ketch is no average girl. The only daughter of the world’s top authorities in long lost cultures, Mercedes is the best of both her parents, gifted with unique abilities… but she’s about to learn that there’s a cost to looking into histories that a powerful cabal would rather have forgotten.

Her parents are murdered for what they know – that all the old myths are true. An ancient bloodline, the Kinguim, hides the fact that magic flourishes in the modern world – Goblins, Elves, Vampires, and Werewolves stalk their prey unnoticed on city streets on behalf of their Kinguim masters.

Having been taken into a secret knighthood, Mercedes find herself part of a war three thousand years in the making. The lore that her parents died to discover – lore that lives on only within her – is the sole thing standing between that knighthood’s survival or its complete annihilation, but only if she can decipher those secrets before the end claims them all…

The Old Myths

You know it’s all true, right? The old stories. Elves and Trolls, Goblins and Vampires. Magic. All of it is real. You knew it in childhood but as you get older you see less of it, see none of it, forget about it and put it all away. If any of it was real, you think, you would see it. There would be proof. There would be some sign of it, all of it, any of it. People would know, credible people. The stories would still be alive. The creatures in them would not have forsaken us. They wouldn’t have left us alone.

Imagine they were conquered. All of them. Elves and Trolls, Goblins and Vampires. Even magic. Especially magic. Imagine all of it was conquered and then taken and stolen from the world. Your old imaginary friends, the people you know from dreams, the old faerie fables you grew up on. All of them bound and forced to fight in a war thousands of years in the making. They’re out there even now. And the war? The war is coming to a head.

Excerpt from the Book

“A compelling look at the heros journey as told through the eyes of young girl who is comming in to her own” ~ Living Myth Magazine

“Kinguim,” Mercedes said the word, tasted it and frowned.  “I think -im means children in some Middle-Eastern language.” She had actually asked her dad about that and he’d told her that much, though she could not remember which Middle-Eastern people it had been.

“Children of Kingu, right.” Michelle sounded pleased. “Do you know who Kingu was?”

“A Sumerian god?” Mercedes wracked her brain, trying to remember the scraps of information she’d been able to learn about a god that some had called the death of worlds. “He was the consort of a big dragon-thing named Tiamat and fought a bunch of other gods before getting his head chopped off.” She had blushed a little when she asked what the word consort meant and had stammered something about it meaning that he was Tiamat’s champion. Mercedes kind of liked that, of someone being the champion of a dragon.

“Something like that.”

“So you believe you’re his, what, his kids?” Michelle nodded. “Do you believe that?”



“I’ve seen stuff that sort of forces you to believe,” Michelle said, baring Mercedes’ sudden scrutiny. “Not like that. Just, I don’t know, proof that we’re something else. Something divine.”

“Can you show me?”

“It’s sort of a secret thing.” Michelle’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I shouldn’t even be telling you this. I could get in real trouble.”


“Can you keep that secret?”

“I guess,” Mercedes said. Her friend seemed worried by that answer so she forced a smile and met her friend’s eyes. “I promise I won’t tell anyone. I’ll even do that thing that my mom did with your mom back in Acco.”

“I don’t know how to do that yet,” Michelle said. “They don’t teach you that til you turn sixteen.”

“Sort of like getting a driver’s license?”

“Yeah, I guess. Do you have any new games to play?”

Mercedes smiled.

Praise for Aaron Golden

The World of Mercedes Ketch

In a world where every myth is real and conquered, a shadowy bloodline controls everything — but as the end of their world comes, a single girl will change everything.

Enter The World of Mercedes Ketch

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Mercedes Ketch

A young girl, imaginative and alone without being lonely. She’s the one you see climbing a tree in the park, playing with a stick in her hand out in the field, riding her bicycle down sad streets with a smile on her face. So much wiser than her years. She has been around the world and been filled to the brim with a love of what was and what could have been. She knows so much, this girl with eyes the color of the storm clouds that Noah was warned of. And before her story is done she will see and be and do many things.

Michelle Verene

Inheritor of a dying legacy. She knows too well the price of the divinity in her blood, for her line is pure: magic will come as easily to her as breathing, but there are many who would seek to claim her and own her for what she is. A princess, but a princess who knows that she is in danger and that her destiny is ultimately in her own hands. She has learned to be ruthless, careful, reflective. She has learned to play the game.

Solaina Verene

Matriarch of a dying legacy. Her family has been on the run and under siege for a thousand years. A thousand years of loss, tragedy, mockery. In this world she has managed to hold her own through strength of will and a savage intelligence, but the discovery of something lost long ago has given her the one thing she thought she would never have: the chance to reclaim the glory her family had once thought to hold.

The Verene Estate

In the depths of Louisiana, far from the crowded streets of any city, far from any town, there is a French castle. It was erected long before the United States purchased the land around it, and the family that lives there is older than America itself. The lands are tended to with due care, the sprawling woods and gardens, the tall towers that sit patiently on an island in the middle of a river. This is the Verene Estate, where generations of Verenes have tried to keep safe from those that have hunted them from one continent to the other.

Timothy Rovinlove

A psychologist renowned in certain circles, whispered about by the right sort of people for reasons they cannot name. Timothy could name those reasons, so good is he at understanding the minds of others, so much does he know, but he prefers a slight comforting smile and an open hand. Talk to him, let him heal you. You’ll never be the same.

The Verene Bloc

No one can stand on their own. Michelle Verene has four other people that she relies on, the last daughters of those families with ties to her own. Jackie Molay, the face, a golden haired politician, regal in bearing. Robin Barr, the knife, she who does what the others can’t, waiting in the shadows. Darcy Morgan, the brain, studious bookworm, a student of all the games. Helena Paine, the hound, watchful of the others, bound to keep them safe.

The Embrace of Kingu

There are gods we have all forgotten. Gods older than churches, gods from religions that are thousands of years old. Millions of years old. Gods from religions so old that there are no words for them, gods that come from faiths that died out before humanity was even a dream. Gods like that – gods older than anything we might know – they do not die so easily. They are ancient, and the names we give them are meant to protect us from the full weight of them. 

Once there was an ancient god. We’ll call him Kingu. That is not his name, but it’s a name that we can agree on. A name that will keep us all safe, for he was the death of worlds. Like many gods, Kingu had children, mingling the divinity of his blood with simple clay. The result was a group of people that call himself – even now, thousands of years after the fact – his children.