The World of Mercedes Ketch

A girl inhabits a world. 

We all do. There’s more to any life than just a single person – we are none of us, islands, and some lives inhabit worlds that are larger than any might suspect. 

Mercedes Ketch lives in such a world, and there’s much she has to learn and so many people she has yet to meet. Just because she hasn’t met them yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and just because she leaves some behind doesn’t mean that they stop living their lives or that their actions won’t touch her, or her actions won’t stop touching them. 

The World of Mercedes Ketchfocuses not on the girl, but the world around her. The people she has known or will know, the world she lives in, the things that are happening around her that inform the legend she must become. Short glimpses into lives lived, answers sought, questions asked – stories told and words written. That’s all this is, and that is everything. 

Iataad taohif aamgae.

Perfect in Flaws

11:01:01:01:00 Persephone had long retreated into the underworld, and Everett believed that the place she entered the underworld from was Toronto. Cold and polite, the gray apple, the chill in the air seeping into people’s minds and hearts. It’s why he liked Toronto; the sense of etiquette without thought, pity without relevance. He’d known someone, […]
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From the Wheel

11:01:01:02:00 Keira stared at the hourglass shaped board in front of her, considering her options. She’d used a Surcess Opening, had been surprised when her opponent had not followed suit – she had thought he was planning something she might not expect but had found his subsequent moves efficient but easy to predict – a […]
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Goblin King Rising

11:01:01:03:00 Below the homes and below the streets there is a place where vermin dream, where castoffs live and work and breath – where nothing is what it seems. Here is where the worst go to thrive, where fever dreams are kept alive. The hidden and mad go to ground and sunlight is beaten, broken, […]
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Eaten Name Atrocity

11:01:00:01:00 Morin de Molay awoke in bed and cursed the world with waking. She rolled over, hands fumbling for her phone, silences the alarm. She lay there, comfortable and unthinking, drifting between the world that called to her and the world she did not want and knew that the borderlines were not so clear cut […]
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